Anna Masters

Anna Masters

Anna Masters's elephant: Sunday Best

Sunday Best

Anna Master’s world, from insects to elephants.

Anna Masters is a visual artist whose work involves transposing human designs and logos onto natural subjects. She takes her inspiration from the natural world, from plants and insects and has recently started working with mixed media and 3D works.

Anna developed a personal connection with elephants when she spent three weeks working in Thailand at an elephant nature park. Her responsibilities included chopping up food to feed them and taking them out into the rivers to bathe them.  She says: “While I was there I learnt about these special animals and the experience stuck with me. It not only showed me that elephants have different personalities but also highlighted the importance of the conservation of Elephants. They are iconic animals, full of charisma and there is a lot of naivety about the way that elephants are being treated and this needs to be addressed.” Referring to her association with the 2013 national tour she adds:  “Elephant Parade has taken a giant step in highlighting these issues and brining them to the public’s attention and I’m delighted to be part of the Elephant Parade national tour.”

Anna submitted two designs for the national tour. In addition to an idea that will be shown via the digital tour, her Sunday Best design for her Elephant Parade design was named after the best porcelain, which her mother would bring out on Sundays when her Nan came for tea.

The different personalities that Anna saw first hand during her travels in Thailand are reflected well in the parade elephants. The wide variety of different designs reflects different characters and personalities in each of the elephant designs. Reflecting on her visit to see all the elephants on the Watford leg of the tour she said, “it’s amazing how people can take the same objects and come up with completely different designs. Although the same materials and base are used the final results are all completely different. It’s a very inspiring sight and draws people in.” For Anna the parade has not only provided an opportunity for the public to engage with the topic of the conservation of elephants but has also allowed for people to integrate with art who wouldn’t necessarily want to walk into an art gallery. “It’s nice to see kids getting involved, climbing all over the elephants.” Her personal favourites include Little Sweetie by Charlotte Brown and Lily Pepper, designed by Karen Hollis.

Anna went to University in Stoke and so the fact that the parade will be passing through Stoke (from 9th March 2014) is very special for. Not only as she still has ties to the town and friends that live there, but also for the link between Stoke and pottery, which was partly the inspiration for her 2013 design, Sunday Best. 

To see more of Anna’s work check out the Affordable Art Fair which is taking place in Battersea, Hamsptead and Bristol here in the U.K, as well as at a number of international locations including Stockholm, Hamburg and Singapore. For more information about Anna visit her website at

You can see Sunday Best at the Intu Elephant Parade Mall tour, click here for tour dates