The Asian Elephant Foundation

Money raised from the sale of the tour elephants will be donated to The Asian Elephant Foundation, an international conservation charity that Elephant Parade supports. The Asian Elephant Foundation’s aim is to raise greater global awareness of Asian elephant conservation and to support projects and organisations that are dedicated to improving the well-being and conservation of the Asian elephant. The Foundation also runs a schools programme internationally.

The Asian elephant is threatened with extinction. The available habitat has shrunk by 95% and its population has declined by at least 90% over the last 100 years. In Thailand, where the Asian elephant is seen as a national symbol, there are just 4,000 elephants left, of which only 1,500 live in the wild. As a ‘keystone species,’ if the Asian elephant becomes extinct, many other species will not be able to survive either.

The Elephant Parade concept has made it possible to generate funds for projects varying from elephant hospitals and restoration of vital corridors of land to lobbying governments and research. To date, many Asian elephants have been saved and cured, but there are still thousands more that need our support. Please visit for more information on the work being done for Asian elephants.

Mike Spits and Mosha


The international phenomenon that is Elephant Parade was inspired by the true story of a baby elephant. Almost 10 years ago Elephant Parade's founders visited the first elephant hospital in the world in Lampang, near Chiang Mai. Here, they met a baby elephant named Mosha, who had lost her leg after stepping on a landmine. Mosha inspired the creation of Elephant Parade - a sustainable and structural approach to providing the Asian elephant a future. The elephant hospital in Lampang was among the first organisations to receive contributions generated with an Elephant Parade auction and merchandise.