Over the last 12-months, The intu Elephant Parade tour has connected with millions of people, raising awareness of the plight of the Asian elephant through art. Many thousands of people have submitted design ideas of their own and more than 70 schools decorated elephant statues that have joined the national tour herd. 

With the education work of the tour complete, during the final month of the tour Givinglive ran an online auction of the core tour herd to raise money to support the conservation work of the Asian Elephant Foundation. Thanks to the generosity of those that bid on an elephant, £147,000 has been raised, allowing the tour to make tangible contribution to help give the Asian elephant a brighter future.

Every tour elephant that has completed the unforgettable journey around the UK with intu, now prepares for a new journey. intu and The Asian Elephant Foundation would like to thank everyone that has given a new home to the tour elephants, creations that have already brought joy to millions of people.