Art Exhibitions That Raise Awareness About the Environment

Art not only gives us good feelings and helps to express our emotions, but it also helps to raise awareness about different issues such as awareness about the environment. Recently, we are being exposed to various environmental issues like depletion of natural resources, climate change, wildlife extinction, and other things.

It is necessary to address such issues right away and do something about them. Many organisations are working to protect the environment and they are revising policies and taking various steps to protect the environment.

However, it all comes down to the general public. If we are not responsible for our actions and don’t take steps to protect the environment, then these organisations alone can’t make things better. Each of us must be responsible for protecting the environment.

Recently, art exhibitions have become a popular means for raising environmental awareness. Various such exhibitions are held all over the world. Here we are going to talk about some of these exhibitions.

Nature’s Nation: American Art and Environment

This exhibition was organised by the Princeton University Art Museum in 2019 in Massachusetts. Hundreds of paintings, photographs, and sculptures were displayed. These collections had been taken from other museums and private collections. These included works of artists like Ansel Adams, Albert Bierstadt, John James Audubon, and others.

The theme of the exhibition was the environment and how our actions had an impact on the environment. The artworks helped to reconsider our relationship with the environment. The artists showed social attitudes towards our environment through their art. Topics like climate change, wildlife, and others were covered.

All the World

This exhibition by Davina Semo was held in 2019. Large-scale sculptures made of bronze and aluminum and wall pieces made of steel ball bearings and coloured plastic were on display. These symbolised the way we lived in the environment which is with power and control.

The sculptures also represented physical beauty and brutality. Several catastrophic wildfires took place in California during that time and the artist held this exhibition to create awareness about the environment. She wanted to emphasise what contributes to such a catastrophe. She also emphasised the importance of reusing resources.

Our Bond with Nature

This was an initiative of the Manhattan Arts International. The organisation works for healing the environment, society, and individuals. The exhibition took place in 2018 and featured the wonderful works of about 66 artists from many countries.

These artists raise awareness about the beauty of nature and the need to preserve them through their artworks. The objective of the exhibition was to inspire others to achieve a more sustainable relationship with the environment.

These art exhibitions have inspired many people to look after the environment and be responsible for their actions. The exhibitions have raised awareness about creating a harmonious relationship between humans and the environment.