Artists Who Are Involved in Different Environment Conservation Programs

In recent years, the need to conserve the environment has been the talk of the town. The numerous incidents of wildfires, rise in ocean levels, and collapsing of the ecosystem have forced the environment experts and others to think seriously about conserving the environment.

Along with others, the artists are also taking measures to protect our environment. Here we are going to talk about some of these artists who have made environmental conservation a priority in their work.

Olafur Eliasson’s Icebergs

His work ‘Your waste of time’ displayed pieces of ice that broke off from the biggest Iceland glacier. The work was showcased in the Vatnajokull Gallery. This sculpture represents what is happening due to global warming.

David Maisel’s Photographs of Open Pit Mines

The photographs of David Maisel seem to be the natural beauty of a different planet. But the deep blue swirls and the red craters that you see in the photographs are the aerial appearances of the sites in the US that have been environmentally impacted.

This may be due to water reclamation, military tests, mining, and logging. This shows how human activities are affecting our environment. It is quite eye-opening.

Luzinterruptus’ Waste Labyrinth

His work ‘Labyrinth of Plastic Waste’ is a representation of how the use of plastic is harming our environment. The focus has been on the business of bottled water that is causing a huge environmental problem.

John Sabraw’s Toxic Sludge Paintings

The artist used the toxic runoff that he found in the Ohio River region to make his pigments. The bright reds and yellows were found from the oxidised sludge of the coal mines. He used the water’s heavy metals that were left from the abandoned mines. His painting is a reflection of the pollution problem of that region.

Naziha Mestaoui’s Virtual Forests

The amazing work called ‘One Beat One Tree’ by Naziba Mestaoui tells us about the importance of growing trees around us. The artist’s project has led to the growth of thousands of trees.

The project includes virtual forests in the city spaces that blur the boundaries between technology and our natural world. The digital trees created by the artist grow with the rhythm of a person’s heartbeat. The moment a virtual plant is created, a physical plant is also created in the region.

Paulo Grangeon’s 1,600 Pandas

The artist focused on creating awareness about endangered animals across the world. His exhibit ‘Pandas on Tour’ shows how many pandas are left in the world. He created this project in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund. The project has been shown in 20 different countries.

Aida Sulova’s Trash Cans

This artist wanted to create awareness about the garbage problem. The artist used trash bins as the canvas. He used photographic images to open the mounts of trash cans in cities to remind people to through the garbage inside the bins.

Environmental issues like ‘climate change, ‘pollution’, ‘wildlife extinction’, and ‘global warming’ are very alarming, and everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment. These artists make others aware of the importance of environment conservation through their amazing and creative works. Society needs to wake up and see what they are saying.